Dubai City Swim 2018

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Join us and experience this overwhelming city

Are Dubai and Swimming a combination that appeal to you?

Always wanted to go to Dubai?

Swimm in 30 degrees water next of the only 7 star hotel in the world?

Always had an excuse not to do it?

Now it is possible! City Sport Events together with Sporttijden organize this great trip to the metropoll in the big sandpit. Besides the City Swim we also show you this spectacular city of Dubai.

You have no reason to stay home !!!
Flight tickets options

Actually, there are 3 options to fly to Dubai, we list them from expensive to cheap:

  • The most expensive option but definitely the most comfortable and fastest one is a direct flight from Amsterdam to Dubai. KLM and Emirates offers you these flights daily.
  • A very good alternative is to make 1 tranfer. You fly over Istanbul with Turkish airlines. But there are also other possibilities. Pay attention to your transfer so you are not waiting for hours at a dull airport.
  • KLM has been offering a combi flight for several months now, so your journey will start in Brussels or Antwerp. By train you go to Schiphol and you fly directly to Dubai. (do not forget to stamp your ticket in Antwerp, this will prevent problems)

Sites to search and book flights: Google flights, SkyScanner, BudgetAir, of course we would love to hear if you have an alternative that we can offer aswell.

Hotel options

Hotels are very personal. It is good to know that Dubai is divided in 2 parts, the old part, this is north of the Creek, here you will find hotels of a lower quality but cheap.

Hotels south of Creek you will found mainly around the 2 major shopping centers, on the beach or on “The Palm”. These hotels are somewhat expensive for our standards.

It is certainly worthwhile to look at it, prices can vary from day to day. If you need help with this, mail to, Trivago, TripAdvisor, are websites that gives you a good impression of the hotels in Dubai. The guys of City Sports Event will stay during this trip in the Mercure hotel РAl Mina Road perhaps this is also something for you.


In addition, the law in Dubai is different if we are accustomed here in the Netherlands for registering for (sports) events. That is why we explain briefly how it works.

Choose below the distance you would like to swim.

You will go to the website of Hopasports where you have to create a profile. Once you have done this you will receive an email in which you have to confirm your account.

You follow the steps in Hopasports to register for the City Swim, possibly in the first step you can also add someone to your “addressbook”. This way you can register someone without having to create an account.

When you have completed all the steps, you make the payments and you immediately receive a confirmation in your email.

250 M

500 M

1000 M

2500 M

More info?

If you want to know more about the trip to Dubai, or if you have nice additions, click on the logo and contact us.